Christmas Tree Sale – December 2/3 & 9/10 – 9am to 5pm


Learn about our commitment to welcome anyone and everyone along their faith journey.


Learn about our pledge to support the spiritual development of our church family, from 4 to 84.


Learn about our dedication to community service for those in need in the community and beyond.

Meet Our Rector, Vestry & Staff

Led by the Reverend Steve Rorke and with a warm and engaging Vestry
and staff, our doors are always open to welcome all into our faith home.

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Church Ministries at St. Andrew’s

Growing in faith and fellowship is a cornerstone of who
we are. See more about how we make that possible.

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Community Service at St. Andrew’s

We believe in reaching out to those in the Arlington community and beyond.
See how we use our Plot Against Hunger Garden, our support to Arlington
charities, and our Haiti Mission to heed God’s call in caring for others.

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