Clergy, Staff & Vestry

Priest in Charge

Rev. Alyse Viggiano is shown from the shoulders up.


Jeremy Cannon
Parish Administrator

Jeremy Cannon is shown from the shoulders up, standing with the St. Andrew's banner.
Jeremy grew up in the Lee-Heights neighborhood, attending Taylor Elementary and Yorktown High School. He went to the University of Colorado for college, where he majored in Advertising and worked for the women’s basketball team producing social media content. While in college, he attended a non-denominational church where he taught Sunday School and helped with communications. Jeremy moved back to Arlington during the pandemic and started attending St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. He is actively involved with St. Mary’s Wilderness Church ministry and Centering Prayer group. In his free time Jeremy enjoys spending time in nature and playing Pickleball.

You can contact Jeremy via email.

Virginia Sircy
Interim Music Director

Virginia Sircy is shown from the waist up, seated in the choir loft of St. Andrew's.

Vestry Members

For those new to the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is “the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property.” This group helps articulate the congregation’s vision and support the church’s mission through selection of the rector and management of resources and finances. Vestry representatives are elected from the church’s membership and generally serve a three-year term. Learn more about the role of a vestry on the Episcopal Church’s site.

Elissa Ghosh
Senior Warden

Elissa Ghosh, shown from the shoulders up

Camille Benton
Junior Warden

Camille Benton, shown from the shoulders up

David Adcock

David Adcock, shown from shoulders up

Tom Cassidy

Tom Cassidy is shown from the chest up.

Jennifer Gowetski

Jennifer Gowetski is shown from the chest up

Joe Klem

Joe Klem is shown from the chest up.

Dana Madsen

Dana Madsen, shown from the chest up

Shelley Volkwein

Shelley Volkwein, shown from the chest up

Sarah Wronsky

Sarah Wronsky, shown from the chest up

Doris Smith

Doris Smith, shown from the shoulders up

Marie Hone

Photo of Marie Hone from shoulders up, standing in front of St. Andrew's banner