COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Effective August 25, 2021

General Guidelines for indoor gatherings

  • In accordance with the latest CDC guidance and Diocesan recommendations, masks and social distancing are required for everyone over the age of 2, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, when gathering indoors.
  • All persons inside church buildings are asked to be mindful of one another’s safety and well-being, and to act accordingly:
    • Do NOT participate in any church gatherings, indoors or outdoors, when feeling ill. Those who are not feeling well should stay home, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Inquiring about another person’s vaccination status is not appropriate. At St. Andrew’s, all are welcome, and all have a right to privacy regarding their personal health.
    • For now, all will refrain from physical contact such as shaking hands and hugging.
  • We are all adjusting. Please be gracious with one another’s comfort levels as we resume indoor gatherings.

Worship: Sunday 10:00 a.m.

  • Singing has been declared safe for vaccinated individuals by the CDC, thus congregational singing is permitted. Members must be fully vaccinated in order to sing in the choir.
  • Liturgical participants (ushers, altar guild, lectors, altar party, clergy) will continue to wear a mask, except while speaking from a microphone. All ministers, lay and ordained, will wear masks while administering communion and in procession.
  • Communion will be offered at the altar rail, from individually portioned disposable cups. Wine will not be offered. Those who cannot or prefer not to come forward for communion will inform an usher so that a minister may bring communion to them in their pews.
  • The Peace will continue to be no-touch at this time.
  • Offering plates will not be passed at this time, but will be available at each of the doors. Mail-in and online giving options are also available.
  • Prayer books and hymnals will return to the pews, though the service will continue to be fully printed in the leaflet at this time.
  • Refreshments may be served in individual portions by a person wearing a mask.
  • Masks are not required outdoors.

Worship: Family Service

  • The Family Service is suspended for the months of July and August. The Family Service will resume in September.
  • Recognizing that children are not eligible to be vaccinated, ALL who participate in the Family Service of the Word are required to wear masks and maintain physical distance while in the chapel as an act of gracious solidarity.
  • Singing, while masked, is permitted.