Garden of Hope

pounds of produce harvested as of May 21, 2022

Rebecca and Efemena from Marymount and Sade, Jen, Nate, Anne, Dave and Doris withstood the heat and weeded, installed the irrigation system and completed the first harvest for 2020 consisting of Romaine, Tatsoi, Radishes, and Kale for a total weight of 50.5 pounds!   See photos from our master photographer, Jen.  The garden continues grow well, thanks to our volunteers!

We need volunteer(s) again  this week to water, if it does not rain.  With the new irrigation system installed, now you only need to hand water the kale, kollards, lettuce and cabbage.  The tomatoes and peppers are now part of the irrigation system; one simply opens up the two hose bibs in the garden and then let the system run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Our next work day is scheduled this Saturday, May 28th starting at 9 am (our alternate Rain date is May 29th at 11:30).  We will harvest, install more irrigation, construct tomato trellising, and plant squash along with weeding, of course if we have a good turnout of volunteers!

We request that you sign up in advance.   All opportunities for sign-up are outlined on the signup web page.  We look forward to seeing you here!

Freshly picked radishes from the Garden of Hope
A volunteer stands with freshly harvested leafy greens from the Garden of Hope.
Volunteers set up the irrigation system in the Garden of Hope.
Volunteers weed among rows of plants in the Garden of Hope

Need help finding the garden? Download a PDF map of St. Andrew’s grounds.

section of downloadable map, showing location of Garden of Hope on St. Andrew's grounds.