Garden of Hope

Volunteers stand near Garden of Hope

On Saturday, November 13th, 11 volunteers — Emma, Daniela, Vanessa, Tawonga, Susan, Jen, Nate, John, Anne, and Ted — worked about 2 hours picking up the drip irrigation system, weeding, and applying mulch to the far end of the garden.  No produce was picked, but we still have 12-15 large squash to pick next week.  To date, the St. Andrews Garden of Hope has produced and donated 3,554 lbs. of fresh organic vegetables for local food banks.

We’ve Set a New Record!

Pounds of food donated as of 11/15/2021

Next Saturday, November 20, might be our last workday of 2021 and we really need volunteers to help clear the garden and spread mulch.  We will start at 9:00 am. If you have an interest in volunteering in the Garden of Hope, please sign-up through Sign Up Genius.

Questions? Please email Emily Blecksmith, Parish Administrator.

We look forward to seeing you!

Need help finding the garden? Download a PDF map of St. Andrew’s grounds.

section of downloadable map, showing location of Garden of Hope on St. Andrew's grounds.
Volunteers sort and pack tomatoes near the Garden of Hope.