Garden of Hope

On Saturday (11/12), Jen, Susan, Doris, Dave, Anne and Ted along with Luke, Will, Dom, Daniel, Kevin, Matt, Tyler, Nick, Bryan, Andrew, Gavin, Tim, Sebastian, Jake, Patrick, and Creek – the Senior and sophomore  members of Marymount Lacrosse Team stripped and removed the remaining squash and kale plants and irrigation from the garden.  The team also spread 10 yards of leaf mold mulch across the garden along with compost from our onsite composters.  We celebrated another successful season with grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and assorted salads… enjoyed by all!

On 11/13, Ted and Anne delivered 228 pounds of packaged kale and multiple large squashes to Food for Others in Fairfax, VA.  The  final tally for the St. Andrew’s Garden of Hope this season is 3,040 pounds — our second consecutive year to surpass 3,000 pounds!

We have closed the Garden of Hope for the 2022 season.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers who made the garden wildly successful for yet another season!  Hope to see you in at the garden in 2023!

pounds of produce harvested in the 2022 season

Need help finding the garden? Download a PDF map of St. Andrew’s grounds.

section of downloadable map, showing location of Garden of Hope on St. Andrew's grounds.
A Marymount Lacrosse Player brings leaf mulch to the Garden of Hope.
Dave Smith and Ted Edwards stand at the barbeque grill to feed volunteers from Marymount.