Garden of Hope

Thanks to Anne for watering the garden on Tuesday and Thursday!  On Saturday (5/27), Redman, Sade, John, Nate, Jen, Susan, Anne, and Ted watered, weeded, and repaired deer netting.  In addition, something continues to dig holes in the garden.  Jen is setting up a trail camera to capture images of the animal.  Many volunteers believe it is a fox.  Others believe it is a raccoon.  We hope we know by next week’s update.

It continues to be dry, so we are in need of volunteers to sign up to water the garden.  Tuesday and Thursday are open to water if it does not rain any more.  Now with the irrigation system installed, you simply need to turn on the hose bibs (standpipes) and let the system run for 2-3 hours.  You can sign up at the link below!

Our next work day is Saturday, June 3rd starting at 9:00am (Sunday, June 4th at 11:30am if it is too wet on Saturday).

If you have an interest in volunteering in the St. Andrew’s Garden of Hope, you can sign up here.    If you have questions concerning the sign-up, please contact Emily Blecksmith, our Parish Administrator.

pounds of produce harvested in the 2023 season
Volunteers stand with tools in the Garden of Hope.

Need help finding the garden? Download a PDF map of St. Andrew’s grounds.

section of downloadable map, showing location of Garden of Hope on St. Andrew's grounds.