Garden of Hope

On Saturday, Sade, Beth, Anne, Ted, Susan, Jen, Doris, Dave, and the Marymount University Women’s basketball team (Margaret, Grace, Ava, Cara,Terra, Anna, Symantha, Claire, Kelly, Chandler, Samantha, Jordan, Ella, Emily, Catie, Ally, and Ryleigh) weeded the entire garden and covered the garden with a thick blanket of leaf mulch.  After all of the 15-yards of mulch was spread throughout the garden, the volunteers celebrated the end of the 2023 Garden of Hope with a cookout.  Special thanks to Jen, who is a reliable volunteer for 5 years and our official garden photographer.

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped with the garden this year.  Due to your efforts the 2023 Garden of Hope produced 2,867.21 pounds of fresh produce that was donated to our local food banks.

We will begin the 2024 Garden of Hope in March 2024.

We hope to see you in March,
Ted Edwards

pounds of produce harvested in the 2023 season
Volunteers, including members of Marymount University women's basketball team, pose with wheelbarrow and rakes after spreading mulch in Garden of Hope.