Media Policy and Opt-Out Form

At St. Andrew’s we enjoy celebrating the many milestones and events that occur throughout the year. Part of that celebration is sharing it with each other and those outside our church through media and imagery.

The use of media — through platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as around the church itself — enhances the quality of information shared and helps tell the story of St. Andrew’s to those that may be considering joining our community. We therefore use images as needed in our communications within the church and with the community.

We are sensitive to the personal choices of each member and are committed to ensure that all have the opportunity to decline appearing in these images if they so choose. We have an “opt-out” policy, with the following guidelines:

  1. Participation in church activities implies permission for publication of any media recorded, unless a “Media Opt-Out Form has been submitted to the church office.
  2. Any adult may complete the Media Opt-Out Form if they do not wish for media items in which they or their family members are prominently featured to be used in publications produced by St. Andrew’s.
  3. Anyone may request a particular media item which prominently features them or their family be removed from use by submitting a request to the church office. (All requests will be documented.)

Special consideration for media images of minors (whether or not you opt-out):

  1. No identifying information will accompany photos, including names, addresses, email addresses, family members’ names, or schools.
  2. If a child is wearing a name tag in a photo, the name tag will be removed using photo editing software.
  3. Images of individual minors will not be used to advertise future events without parental consent. (Large-group photos in which individual children cannot be identified are permissible.)

To fill out the Media Opt-Out Form, please click the link below.

If you prefer to submit a signed release form in hard copy, please click here to download the form and mail.

Media Opt-Out Form